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Westerly Elementary School

Posted on: January 28, 2016

COSI brings chemistry to Westerly!

Westerly PTA brought the COSI (Center of Science and Industry) traveling science program - It’s Simply Chemistry - to Westerly students. PTA volunteeers manned stations with experiments designed to introduce new science principles. All the school's students put on their goggles and experimented with chemicals, using pH measuring strips, microscopes and more to learn about basic chemistry. Experiments included:
  • "A Closer Look," using microscopes to compare textures of household chemicals and identify mystery substances;
  • "Chemical or Physical," exploring differences between chemical and physical changes;
  • "It's A Secret," deciphering and creating secret messages with phenolphthalein solution and invisible ink;
  • "Solid-Liquid-Gas," mixing solids and liquids and witnessing explosive creations of gas and sending corks flying out of a test tube;
  • "pH," measuring pH levels to identify acids, neutrals and bases;
  • "Light the Night," precisely measuring and watching how a chemiluminescent chemical reacts with water to produce a glowing light without heat;
  • "Sink or Float," investigating density and how it relates to weight and mass;
  • "Super Slime," creating their own sticky, slimy, non-Newtonian substance with two chemicals and a choice of color; and
  • "Way Cool," mixing chemicals to create exothermic (heat-producing) and endothermic (heat-absorbing) reactions they can feel.
Parent volunteers included Michelle Beigi, Amy Bergstresser, Leslie Brown, Sheila Buchanan, Ann Marie Drake,Dee Dunstan, Beth Elliott, Jill Erwin, Hope Feicks, Walter Harper, Kristin Hewko, Marla Hignett, Samantha Jameson, Roger Jones, Kary Kandra, Robin Lucak, Erica Maddux, Katie Majer, Marybeth Mediate, Lisa Melby, Daniel Mihalic, Becky Miller, Chrissy Morscher, Joanne Murphy, Kim Ray, Angela Pierce, Carrolyn Salazar, Denise Toil, and Shannon Underwood. Westerly PTA provided funding.
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