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Smithsonian Institute Resources
Use this page to share web resources and integration ideas for any of the Smithsonian Institute photographs below. These photographs are from 101 Objects that Made America.  Pulled from the Smithsonian collections, these items range millenia, from pre-historic dinosaurs to the very first supercomputer.  The collaborative responses will be available to teachers to view and utilize as a teaching resource by clicking on the Smithsonian logo below. You must be logged into your bayschools google account to have permission to view the files.  

Click below to see the collaborative web-resources
and integration ideas for each of the 101 photos:
Click below to view the PDF version of 
the Smithsonian Card Collection
Smithsonian Collaborative Responses

 101 Collection.jpg
Smithsonian Card Collection

Click on any of the 101 photographs below to share your web-resource or integration idea.  
Your response will be collected on the Smithsonian Collaborative Responses Form.

 Aids Quilt.jpg Aid's Quilt  Lewis and Clark Compass.jpg
Lewis & Clark Compass
 Ali gloves.jpg  Ali's Gloves  Life Preserver.jpg Life Preserver
 American Bison.jpg American Bison  Lincoln Top Hat.jpg Lincoln's Top Hat
 Andy Warhols Michael Jackson.jpg Andy Warhol's
Michael Jackson
 Little Bighorn.jpg Little Big Horn
(Red Horse's drawing)
 Appomattox Table and Chairs.jpg Appomattox Table
and Chairs
 Louis Armstrong Trumpet.jpg Louis Armstrong Trumpet
 Audubon Plate.jpg Audubon Plate  Marian Anderson Fur Coat.jpg
Marian Anderson
Fur Coat
 Bald Eagle.jpg  Bald Eagle MASH sign.jpg M.A.S.H. Sign
 Barbie.jpg Barbie  Michael Jordan Jersey.jpg
Michael Jordan Jersey
 Bell Telephone.jpg Bell's Telephone  Middle Mississippian Mask.jpg Middle Mississippian
 Bell UH 1H Iroquois Helicopter.jpg Bell UH-1H
Iroquois Helicopter
 Model T.jpg Model T
 Ben Franklin Experiments.jpg
Ben Franklin's Experiments
 Morse Telegraph.jpg Morse Telegraph
 Bierstadt Painting.jpg Bierstadt Painting  Nam June Paik Electronic Superhighway.jpg Nam June Paik's 
Electronic Superhighway
 Burgess Shale.jpg Burgess Shale  Nat Turner Bible.jpg Nat Turner's Bible
 California Wines.jpg California Wines  Negro Baseball League.jpg
Negro Baseball League
 Chavez Jacket.jpg Chavez Jacket  Neil Armstrong Spacesuit.jpg
Neil Armstrong Spacesuit

 Chuck Berry Guitar.jpg Chuck Berry's Guitar  Novus Orbis Map.jpg
Novus Orbis Map
 Clipper Flying Cloud.jpg Clipper Flying Cloud  Passenger Pigeon.jpg

Passenger Pigeon

 Clovis Points.jpg Clovis Points  Plymouth Rock.jpg
Piece of Plymouth Rock
 Coast Redwood.jpg Coast Redwood  Pocahontas.jpg Pocohontas Engraving
 Colt Revolver.jpg Colt Revolver  Polio Vaccine.jpg Polio Vaccine
 Cotton Gin.jpg Cotton Gin  Predator Drone.jpg
Predator Drone
 Dark Matter Spectograph.jpg Dark Matter Spectograph  Psychadelic Signboard.jpg Psychedelic Signboard
 Discovery Space Shuttle.jpg Discovery Space Shuttle  Pueblo Jars.jpg Pueblo Jar
 Duck Decoy.jpg Duck Decoy  R2 D2.jpg R2-D2
 Eames Chair.jpg
Eames Chair

 Ration Ticket.jpg Ration Ticket
 Edison Lightbulb.jpg Edison Light Bulb  Remington Typewriter.jpg Remington Typewriter
 Emergency Money.jpg Emergency Money  Richard Petty Stockcar.jpg Richard Petty's Stockcar
 Eniac Computer.jpg Eniac Computer  Ruby Slippers.jpg Ruby Slippers
 Enola Gay.jpg Enola Gay  Scopes Trial Photograph.jpg
Scopes Trial Photograph

 Fallout Shelter.jpg Fallout Shelter  Singer Sewing Machine.jpg Singer Sewing Machine
 FDR Microphone.jpg
FDR Microphone

 Smithsons Will.jpg Smithson's Will
 Gas Mask.jpg Gas Mask  Spirit of St.Louis.jpg

Spirit of St. Louis

 George Caitling Paintings.jpg George Caitlin Paintings  Stagecoach.jpg


 GeorgeWashington Landsdowne Portrait.jpg George Washington: The
Landsdowne Portrait
 Stained Glass Chards.jpg

Stained Glass Shards

 Geronimo.jpg Geronimo  Stamp Act Proof.jpg

Stamp Act Proof

 Giant Panda.jpg Giant Panda  Star Spangled Banner.jpg

Star Spangled Banner

 Gold Nugget.jpg
Gold Nugget


 Gordon Photograph.jpg
Gordon Photograph

Susan B. Anthony's

 Greensboro Lunch Counter.jpg Greensboro
Lunch Counter
 Teddy Bear.jpg

Teddy Bear

 Harriet Tubmans Hymn Book.jpg Harriet Tubman's 
Hymn Book


 Internment Suitcase.jpg Internment Suitcase  The Pill.jpg

The Pill

 Irving Berlin Piano.jpg Irving Berlin's Piano  This Land is your Land.jpg

This Land is 
your Land

 Jeffersons Desk.jpg Jefferson's Desk  US Olympic Hockey Jersey.jpg

U.S. Olympic
Hockey Jersey

 John Brown Daguerreotype.jpg John Brown
 USS Maine Bugle.jpg

USS Maine Bugle

 John Bull Locomotive.jpg John Bull Locomotive  USS Oklahoma Stamp.jpg

USS Oklahoma Stamp

 John Deere Plow.jpg John Deere Plow  Walt Whitman Photograph.jpg

Walt Whitman

 Justice OConnor Robe.jpg

Justice O'Connor Robe

 White House Timber.jpg

White House Timber

 Kodak Camera.jpg

Kodak Camera  Wonder Woman.jpg

Wonder Woman Comic

 Langston Hughes The Colored Soldier.jpg
Langston Hughe's
The Colored Soldier
 WTC Sign.jpg

World Trade Center Sign

 LBJ Pen.jpg LBJ's Pen  Wright Flyer.jpg

Wright Flyer

 Levi Jeans.jpg Levi's Jeans  

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