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Destination Imagination 2015

UPDATE: Aqua Girls rank second in their category at the Global Level! Read more about their experience HERE.

3 Bay Teams Advance to Global Finals

Three Bay Village teams will be advancing to Global Finals after outstanding performances at the Ohio state tournament in Mount Vernon, Ohio on April 11. Teams from Westerly, Bay Middle School, and Bay High School will be representing Ohio at the upcoming international event held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee May 20-23, 2015.

The Westerly team The Crew, with students Iain Ray, James Fowles, James Chilton, Maeve Ransom, Finn Meadows, Patrick Lehane, and Annie Davenport, will be presenting their service project in a challenge called Brand Aid. In this challenge, students had to carry out a community service project that addressed a real need in the community. They also had to create a brand and logo for their project and create a live presentation that highlighted the project and included a project evaluation. 

The Bay Middle School team Aqua Girls, with students Audrey Ray, Ava Ransom, Olivia Reed, Grace Chilton, Patty Yuhas, Eliza Aleksandrovic, and Caroline Fowles, will be participating in the Feary Tales challenge. This group had to create a fairy tale about a character that faces and deals with a phobia. They also created a functional artwork that served a practical function, as well as an expressive artwork that conveyed a thought or feeling. 

The Bay High team Superman’s Cake Shoes, with students Olivia Risch, Jessica Bohannon, and Jessica Perri, built a structure that weighed less than 75 grams that could support a pressure board placed on top of it. During their performance, they continued to remove parts from the structure while it continued to support weight. Their structure was the lightest of any structures in the high school division, allowing them to earn an additional bonus. Their challenge was appropriately named Lose to Win. 

These three teams will be competing against teams from 45 states and 14 countries at Global Finals. Over 16,000 attendees are anticipated to participate in this event, the world's largest celebration of creativity.

A record twenty teams from Bay Village competed in the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament on March 14 at Beachwood High School. Bay had students competing from kindergarten through twelfth grade. All four district buildings were represented in the tournament. More than 1,000 team members, team managers, parents, and appraisers from the region attended the competition. 

Five Bay Village teams qualified for states and competed at the state competition to be held in Mount Vernon on April 11th.  These included the Westerly team of Double K,Double E, SLG with students
Evelyn Ray, Elise Papp, Kellie Keane, Grace Hopper, Lane Maddux, Simona Overfield, Katherine Anderson; and the Bay High School team of 10/10 Would Enter Without Asking with students Maria Lally, Bethany Comienski, Phil Lally, Kyle McPhillips, Michael Rising, Brad Beverly, Malena Grigoli.

Below are the results for our Bay Village teams in the Regional competition held at Beachwood High School. Teams that placed in the top three in their challenge are indicated as such.

NORMANDY TEAMS: The presentations were so creative that the appraisers decided all these teams tied for first place in their challenge!

The Chipheads

Emerson Krauss, Trey Kraska, Lucas Harrod, Evan Harrod, Colin Mcalea


Team Claws and Paws

Kai Louis, Zachary Church, Nathaniel Scott


Mad Einstein, Brown Panthers

David Mayer, Ben Wagner, Lola Toil, Zoe Norcross, Maya Holmes, Connor Murtaugh, Conor Spellman


The Irish Dancing Unicorns

Laura Elliott, Sarah Leighliter, Audrey Kirkland, Kaitlin Egan, Maddie Knaack, Gwynn Miller


AJ Animal Pizza Pocket Pickle Pocket Crew

Adrian Ray, Caroline Chilton, Clara Maeve Lowther, Lia Overfield, Luke Frey, Drew Kandra, Joe Beauchesne


Guinea Pig Team

James Gray-O’Shea, Jonathan Bragan, Megan Maybaum, Jaxon Gozar, Liam Martin, Santiago Salazar, Nathan Spolar, Greyson Buckingham




Team World Smarts, “Feary Tales”

Annabella Mayer, Larson Toil, Elise Kelley, Cole Tisza, Morgan Norcross, Ella Holmes, Joey Wagner


Double K, Double E, SLG, “Creature Feature,” 1st place

Evelyn Ray, Elise Papp, Kellie Keane, Grace Hopper, Lane Maddux, Simona Overfield, Katherine Anderson


The Crew “Brand Aid,” 1st place

Iain Ray, Finn Meadows, James Chilton, Patrick Lehane, James Fowles, Maeve Ransom, Annie Davenport


The 7 Donuts “Brand Aid,” 2nd place

Nathan Hart, Luke Nageotte, Conrad Burt, Brandon Knaack, Norah Schlegel, Phoebe Sutherland, Caitlyn Hartzell


The Monsters, “Feary Tales”

Scarlett Burens-Quinn, Cecelia Burens-Quinn, Renee Duffy, Joseph Palmowski, Isaac Moore, Julianne Koss


The Bacon Bros, “Creature Feature”

Mac Weingart, Andrew Rankin, Evan Alexy, Brandan Spellman, Sam Brown, Anthony Rocco, Connor Bush




Battle Buddies, “The Improv Games,”  2nd place

Cara Radcliffe, Ally Bleisath, Samantha Gulley, Hannah Lehane, Kendall Thomas, Annalise Johnson


Smarties, The Improv Games”

Rachel Leighliter, Carly Voltz, Payton Kozak, Milan Oppewall


Mystery Sisters, “The Improv Games”, 3rd place

Kaia Atzberger, Taylor Kozak, Lilly Lowther


Team Blank, “Creature Feature” Special Da Vinci award for creativity in design

Holly Mack, Celia Feiszli, Michael Muccio, Gus Priemer, Josh Dwyer, Hayden Atzberger, Simon Miedza


DI Joes, “Feary Tales”, 2nd place

Lauren McCarty, Chaeli Ziebarth, Jenni Koomar, Allison Reitz, Alison Hartzell, Rachel Rankin, Anna Saccany


Aqua Girls, “Feary Tales,” 1st place

Audrey Ray, Ava Ransom, Grace Chilton, Eliza Aleksandrovic, Olivia Reed, Caroline Fowles, Patty Yuhas



Superman’s Cake Shoes, “Lose to Win,” 1st place

Olivia Risch, Jessica Bohannon, Jessica Perri


10/10 Would Enter Without Asking, “The Improv Games,” 2nd place

Maria Lally, Bethany Comienski, Phil Lally, Kyle McPhillips, Michael Rising, Brad Beverly, Malena Grigoli


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