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Grant Applications

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Plan your best grant-funded project ever --

Applications for Fall 2017 Grant Awards are open NOW.

DEADLINE is Friday, September 22.


Suggested start date: RIGHT NOW!

We know you have a million great, student-centered ideas. You get them while you're grading papers, writing curriculum, or relaxing over your Sunday morning cup of coffee. You've written them down, mentioned them to a colleague, or tucked them away in that "someday" folder you keep in the dreamy part of your mind. Well, take them out! Dust them off! Develop the best and let us help you make it happen!



We ask for a lot of information from you, from how your idea ties into current programming, to whom it affects and to details of your budget. We've found that our generous donors and those who have worked so hard to make us successful appreciate the care we take in awarding our dollars. We expect the same care from every applicant -- it's the only fair way to make these decisions. So take a look at the Word Form Application and Guidelines, and check this Example. Don't underestimate research time!  


Feedback and Support:

In fairness to all applicants, we cannot critique applications once written. But we are here to help answer questions, raise early concerns, and guide you in the process of writing a successful grant application. Once summer vacation starts, it becomes a challenge to track down resources that can make the difference in your success.

So please, call or e-mail Ellie Bricmont, BVEF Grants Chair (, 440-263-3797) regarding grant-writing requirements, or Char Shryock, Curriculum and Instruction Director, (, 440-617-7311) regarding curriculum tie-ins. This is also a good time to ask your building principal for feedback. All can offer guidance before you write a single word of your application!


Application - follow directions exactly:

You know how busy you are once school starts in the fall. And this year you'll only have 3 weeks to the application deadline once school starts! We strongly suggest you get your grant application writing done over the summer break. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXACTLY! (Note that the BUDGET SECTION of the application has been revised this year.) We cannot accept applications that are not filed electronically on the provided form. This process allows every application to be judged on a level playing field. The application is a Word form.


Get approvals:

You will be back for Staff Development Days, and this is a great time to further discuss your grant application, if necessary, with your building principal for required approval. When approved, email the application no later than Fri., September 22 to:

 . That's it!


And thank you for your service to our children.

Bay Village Education Foundation

Bay Village City School District 377 Dover Center Road Bay Village, Ohio 44140 (440) 617-7300