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Editorial policy
Unsolicited material
We cannot accept unsolicited, uncommissioned and/or unedited material for publication in newsletters or on the website.

In addition, we cannot accept web links for organizations other than those to organizations established for the benefit of our students, or links deemed appropriate as resources by the board of education's designation representatives (Superintendent and Public Information Officer).

This policy protects the district from charges pertaining to equal access, plagiarism, copyright, and other legal issues, and will be applied to all such requests. District publications and websites are solely for the purpose of school district administration.

Nonprofit information regarding fund raising

Bay Village City School District publications to residents, student families and/or staff of Bay Village may contain promotional information for fund raising purposes when the event meets the following criteria:

1. The sponsoring organization must be a nonprofit organization with established tax-exempt status.
2. The event or fund raiser must be of significant benefit to Bay Village City School District students as determined by the Public Information Officer acting as newsletter editor and webmaster, together with the approval of the superintendent of schools (Designated Representatives of the Board of Education).
3. A minimum of eight weeks lead time will normally be required for information to be included in print publications.

The above criteria (other than the lead time minimum) also apply to any promotion through the school district website at

The space allotted to such promotions will be solely at the discretion of the Designated Representatives of the Board of Education. The Designated Representatives always retain the option to edit all promotional material for length, space, clarity, accuracy and good taste.

Student Photos/Interviews

We do not use identified student photos on this website unless we have received explicit permission from parents. We may link to outside news media sources already posted on the web and to parent support organization websites and publications where our students' photos may appear.

Parent/guardian permission is obtained before we allow students to be photographed or filmed at school for television broadcast or other news media. Permission is obtained before each occurrence.

Parent permission is also required before students can be interviewed at school for quotes in print or broadcast.

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