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Daryl Stumph, Asst. Supt. for Operations

Char Prince, Administrative Assistant

377 Dover Center Road
Bay Village, OH  44140

Ph: 440-617-7309
Fx: 440-617-7301

Office Hours
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Dear residents:
Bay Village City Schools understands the economic environment and as a result we have unilaterally invested more time and effort in all departments to ensure all purchases are necessary and that the district acquires the goods and services at the best possible price.

I treat district money with the same care and attention as my own. Each year the district staff and I explore more avenues to reduce costs and increase efficiency. I am proud to report that we have been successful in many areas. We continue ways to generate additional revenue. I have included some of the revenue generation items as well.

  • Phone audits and consolidation of services have resulted in annual savings of $18,000.
  • Utility audits and energy conservation plans have resulted in annual savings of $100,000.
  • District wide purchasing efficiency utilizing national, state, and locally negotiated volume pricing has resulting in annual savings of $75,000.
  • Negotiated new vendor contracts with vendors copy companies, banks, service providers. Estimated annual savings of $40,000.
  • Reduced contracting out of general maintenance and bus maintenance. Work performed in-house without additional labor costs. Annual savings are estimated to be $50,000.
  • Reduced contracting out of printer services. Work performed in-house without additional labor costs. Annual savings are estimated to be 10,000.
  • Increased bulk mailing of qualifying mailings. Annual savings of $10,000.
  • Continued residency audit to ensure expenditures are being made for qualifying residents of Bay Village. Annual savings will be determined after the complete audit is complete.
  • Ohio EPA grant application and award for reduced diesel emissions in the amount of $40,257.
  • Grant application and award for a new AED through ha grant valued at $2,000.
  • Recycle scrap metal, additional revenue $2,000 per year.
  • Purchase used books after adoption year when needed. Pursue multiple vendors for sale of decommissioned books and resources. Estimated annual savings and annual generation $7,500.
  • Currently in negotiations with Verizon to install a cellular phone tower to generate annual revenue of $20,000.
  • Detailed quote acquiring and negotiating for all contracted work. Annual savings estimated to be $60,000.
  • Detailed quote acquiring and negotiating for complementary resources to accompany textbooks and classroom resources. Annual savings estimated to be $60,000.
  • Researched food purchasing cooperatives and switched to HPS to realize annual saving of $15,000.

Daryl Stumph began his career as a teacher of computer science and mathematics. He has worked as a building principal and assistant superintendent, experiencing much success with cost containment and revenue generation throughout his educational administration career. He holds a master's degree in educational administration and a bachelor's degree in education.

Bay Village City School District 377 Dover Center Road Bay Village, Ohio 44140 (440) 617-7300